Alpaca Pillow - Standard Size

Alpaca Pillow - Standard Size

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Alpaca Pillows are simply the best for a great night's sleep! 

Alpaca fibre is naturally anti-allergenic/hypoallergenic. Our pillows offer the perfect balance between support and comfort, they are highly breathable and work with your internal thermostat to keep you at a comfortable temperature all night. Our pillows contain only alpaca fleece - there is no other wool or fibre added. A gentle daily plumping and your alpaca pillow will last for years!

Every year, down on our Alpaca Farm, our alpacas are sheared and their wonderful fleece is sorted into various grades. The alpaca fibre that is too coarse for our knitting yarns is cleaned and brushed out and then used for the stuffing in pillows, duvets and mattress toppers.  The pillows have a 'natural' spring to the filling, they are not lumpy and will mould to your head shape. The natural, white, cotton cover is high quality with a smooth finish, and the pillows are sourced and made in the UK - please support us by buying British!

Our pillows come in a lovely cotton calico, zipped, bag with our alpaca logo on - a useful storage bag for all sorts!

Our 100% cotton, zipped, pillow protectors will increase the life of your pillow and keep it fresher for longer.  We give you the option of adding one of these when you order you pillow, or they can be purchased separately.  Full details about our protectors can be found here

Standard size is 72cm x 46cm (28” x 18”). We also stock King Size and Continental, and any other size can be made to order.

To choose your perfect pillow:

Our alpaca pillows are available in Soft, Medium or Firm support factors. In deciding which is the best comfort factor for you, it is important to consider the position you sleep in and your frame: 

The ideal is to achieve having your neck in line with your spine - so your head should be level and not at an angle versus your spine. People who sleep mainly on their backs, or fronts, should consider a Soft pillow. Most people who sleep mainly on their sides should choose a Medium pillow as this provides the best support for the average framed person. A Firm pillow would be best for someone who is very broad-shouldered and/or is used to a solid pillow or two pillows (and finds that ideal for them).

Summary of Features:

  • 100% Alpaca fibre filling for perfect temperature control
  • Offers both support and comfort, with natural 'spring back'
  • Alpaca fibre is naturally anti-allergenic - perfect for sufferers of allergies
  • Produced sustainably and supporting the British rural economy
  • Natural high thread count, white cotton cover
  • Handy storage bag included
  • Available in Soft, Medium or Firm support
  • Pillow protectors available
  • Dry-Cleanable
  • The price shown is for one pillow

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