Alpaca Fur / Fluffy Hat - Vivid Orange Special Edition

Alpaca Fur / Fluffy Hat - Vivid Orange Special Edition

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Premium Alpaca Fur Hat - Vivid Orange

Our luxurious fluffy alpaca hats are really soft and sumptuous - they will keep your head and ears lovely and warm and give you that ultra-chic look!

Our fur hats are hand-made using the finest baby alpaca fleece, they have a deep fluffy brim and the crown of the hat is short fleeced (see the photos). The Premium hats are trimed for a smarter look and have been dyed using sustainable dyes. They are satin lined and the crown is lightly padded.  Size is adult medium.

Our Vivid Orange hat makes a real statement!  It is simply gorgeous. As this is a unique product the colour shade may vary.  If you would like to choose an exact hat we can email you photos - please email us stating which colour(s) you are interested in.

Our hats are made from alpaca fur - but rest assured that no real alpacas (or humans!) are harmed for the making of them.

Your hat will benefit from being brushed every now and again, they are dry cleanable or wet sponge clean. If you get caught out in the rain, don’t worry, simply let your hat dry naturally in a warm (not too hot) place and then brush the fluffy fleece with a hair brush.

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