The Alpaca Shop UK

The Alpaca Shop Ltd is a family run business and runs alongside Butlers Farm Alpacas. We specialise in anything and everything made with alpaca fleece and fibre, as well as products about alpacas. We design and make products from our own fleece, we stock other UK made alpaca products, and we work with our Peruvian suppliers to bring fairtrade made alpaca goods to the UK. We sell products direct to the public (UK and Internationally) and we also wholesale products to other retailers.

The Alpaca Shop Ltd has multiple channels for selling alpaca products, through our online shop, as well as telephone and postal ordering. At Butlers Farm Alpacas in Essex we showcase our products, and we attend Fairs and events to offer our products. See further details under Opening Hours.

Known as ‘the fibre of the Gods’, alpaca fibre is superfine and supersoft, it is also hard-wearing. As there is no lanolin in alpaca it is suitable for allergy suffers. The constitution of the fibres, being very different to sheep’s wool, means that it doesn’t hold moisture but allows it to evaporate – this ‘breathability’ helps it be temperature reactive – warm in the Winter, cool in the Summer – a very clever fibre!.

Alpacas are sheared once a year and their wonderful fleece is then sorted and separated into different grades and colours. The different grades of fibre is then used for making various products; the finest is spun into beautifully soft yarns and used for knitting and weaving; the courser fibre is used for stuffing of  things like duvets and pillows.

For further information please contact or call us on +44 (0)1277 896565